Patriot Campers TH730



The TH730, (Toy Hauler 7.3 metre), this trailer truly lives up to its name with all the features and living area of the Patriot X1 up front. With a massive 1.70m wide x 4.30m long deck to accommodate all the toys you would want to take on your adventure. This is the big brother of the TH610 and offers you more space for more toys to haul.
Toy Hauler 7.3 metres - TH730 in graphite
   Available colours: 
   Colour options for the Patriot Campers X range: white, blue, black, green     
Features of the TH730 include sleeps 0-4, 2000kg dry tare, 3400kg atm, 290kg draw bar, 2400 liter storage space

DECK CAPACITTh730 packed with 2 BMX bikes and loads of space to spare

Bring all of your toys at once with the massive 2.3m wide x 415m long deck. Some of the deck features are:

  • High lift jack holder
  • 8x tie down points
  • LED lights
  • Stereo speakers
  • Service hatch






SELF LEVELLINGUsing the airbag suspension system on the blue TH610

The airbag suspension system, which is self levelling, comes standard on the TH730 model. This gives you the ability to automatically level your Toy Hauler once you get to your destination, using controls on the base camp module (see picture). 

Don't longer stress out over calculating carrying capacities, as the Toy Hauler 730 does this for you. 








Patriot TH730 easily conquers off road conditions while carrying a quad

The TH610 is made to withstand the weight of any gear in harsh off road conditions, floating over uneven obstacles in a way that you would only expect from a Patriot Camper. This is made possible through the instalment of the XT All Terrain dual shock suspension system with double convoluted airbags. 

The DO35 hitch offers a seamless, drop on attachment, with 360 degree articulation to tackle the toughest tracks and avoid draw bar twisting. 

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