Patriot Campers X3



Patriot Campers X3 model is the first of its kind. This live-in camper trailer is a unique combination of outdoor living and 4WD track beating that makes the X3 tough as nails. When purchasing this model, you receive a trailer that is easy to use, easy to set up, and highly convenient for indoor living. Live in comfort with no compromise on off road abilities thanks to Patriot’s quality engineering.

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Patriot Campers X3 model year 2022 in blue
Other available colours:
Other colour options for the camper trailer Patriot Campers X3 are: white, blue, black, and green
Features of the Patriot Campers X3 camper trailer include: 3-4 sleeps, 1120kg dry tare, 1600kg ATM, 120kg draw bar, and 2000 liter storage space


LUXURIOUS LIVINGThe inside of a Patriot Campers X3 model showcasing a table with tray, coffee corner, lounge set, and bed in front of a window in the tent.

The X3 allows you to spend more time inside the comfortable camper trailer, with luxury features that you can take with you anywhere. You can:

  • Walk-in
  • Dine-in with space-saving dining table
  • Lounge set
  • Comfortable beds
  • Optional Pop-up cafe
  • Optional Pop-up power






SLEEP COMFORTABLY3 kids in various ages are relaxing on both the double and bunk beds inside the Patriot X3 camper trailer

Time-saving, comfortable and convenient are words that define the Patriot Campers X3. The X3 has an oversized double, pocket sprung, gel top mattress that is 100mm thick. This will guarantee you a good night in preparation for a great day. The sleeping area also comes with a convenient zip-up cover. This allows you to leave your bed completely made as you are on the go. The lounge platform also extends to reveal an additional bed. There is also an option for a second kids bunk bed.

  • Double sized pocket spring, gel topped mattress
  • Kids bunk dimensions: 620mm (W) x 1540mm (L) x 50mm (T)



EASY SETUP & ACCESSAn older gentleman is easily extending the ladder on the X3 camper trailer

The CS3 integrated tent is flexible in the way you set it up and comes standard on the Patriot X3 camper trailer. You can either access the convenient fold-down stairs internally or externally with the adjustable lock-out ladder. This makes the tent easy to set up and pack down. Other features of this innovative tent system are:

  • Heating through the hot water & tent heating system
  • All entrances are protected by high-quality fly screens
  • Fly screens can be set up from inside or outside


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If you need a durable off-road vehicle with luxury interior living, the X3 will always deliver. As an authorised brand dealer, Camping Adventures are the go-to source to find a patriot campers x3 for sale. Enquire now for product details and pricing.

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