PCOR 3/4 Canopy


The PCOR 3/4 Canopies are your one stop solution for all serious touring vehicles who are looking for the ultimate off-road lifestyle. To make sure your car is taken to the next level your 3/4 Canopy plugs straight into your vehicles central locking to ensure your security of all your gear. 

The PCOR 3/4 Canopies have a great range of standard inclusions but you can option up your rig to really turn heads on the road. 



PCOR canopy 3/4 opened
  • Hard Wearing Finish
  • Light Weight Aluminium
  • Pressurised Compartments *with air filters*
  • Gas Assisted Doors
  • Compression Latched Handles
  • Automotive Dust Seals
  • 1000W Inverter
  • LED Lighting Suite
  • Redarc MBS1230


  • PCOR Kitchen Compatible 
  • Roof Top Tent Compatible
  • 100AH Lithium Batter
  • Spare Tyre Holders 
  • Canopy Ladder 
  • PCOR Kitchen


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