PCOR Half Canopy


The PCOR Half Canopies are lightweight and have been designed to compliment any PCOR Flat Bed Tray. The PCOR range is so versatile, you can choose to have one or two giving you the best of both worlds - tray bed space and the additional storage and power management of a canopy. 

The PCOR Half Canopies truly are a storage powerhouse with amazing standout features and dont forget you can option it up to really make your friends envy your vehicle!

Standard Features & Options
Hard Wearing Finish
Light Weight Aluminium
Pressurised Compartments *with air filters*
Gas Assisted Doors
Compression Latched Handles
Automotive Dust Seals
1000W Inverter *OPTION*
100AH Lithium Batter *OPTION*
LED Lighting Suite *OPTION*
Power Module *OPTION*
Spare Tyre Holders *OPTION*
Redarc MBS1230 *OPTION*
Tyre Mounts *OPTION*
Fridge Slide *OPTION*

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