12+ of the Best Camping Spots in Victoria

Camping - A group sits outside a tent around a portable cooker

Are you ready to hit the road for your next camping adventure? 

If you're looking for inspiration on where to take your next trip, we have you covered. From isolated hidden gems to popular camping sites, we've compiled 12+ of the best camping spots in Victoria!

Whether you're a first-time camper or an outdoors enthusiast, this list is sure to have an option for you. So, pack up your tent or your camper trailer and check out these camping destinations.

Are There Free Campsites in Victoria?

Yes, you can camp for free in Victoria! There are 35 National Parks scattered across our great state, and 25 of these permit camping. Some of these sites are free, and the majority of paid sites are very affordable. 

As well as National Park camping grounds, you can also find paid and free beach camping locations, caravan parks, and more across Victoria.

There are also many great locations in victoria that are isolated, off-grid, and off the beaten track! So, if you're really looking to disconnect and embrace the great outdoors, there are plenty of options for you.

Our List of Victorian Camping Spots

Camping - A group sits outside a tent around a portable cooker
  1. Tidal River (Plus Bonus Wilsons Promontory Destinations) 

  1. Gums Campground

  1. Lake Catani Campground (Plus Bonus Mount Buffalo Destinations)

  1. BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island

  1. Blanket Bay Campground (Plus Bonus Otways Destinations)

  1. Neds Gully (Plus Bonus Cathedral Ranges Destinations)

  1. Fairhaven Campground

  1. Candlebark Campground and Fraser Camping Area

  1. Smiths Mill Campground (Plus Bonus Grampians Destinations)

  1. Cape Conran Coastal Park

  1. Sheepyard Flat and the Howqua Hills Historic Area

  1. Bear Gully Campground

1. Tidal River - Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory is famous for being the most southerly point of mainland Australia. It's also home to a range of breathtaking camping sites, including Tidal River. 

Located within Wilsons Promontory National Park, this site offers 484 powered and unpowered spots for tent camping, camping trailers, and caravans. 

From hiking to kayaking, surfing the waves to sliding down the famous Big Drift sand dune, Wilsons Promontory has it all. Make Tidal River the home base destination for your Wilsons Prom adventure!

You can learn more about visiting Tidal River Campground here.

BONUS DESTINATION: Wilsons Promontory is also home to a range of hike-in camping spots that you'll need to trek to on foot! Check out the Sealers Cove beach campground on the other side of a 10km rainforest trail.

2. Gums Campground - Kinglake National Park

Just a short drive from Melbourne, Kinglake National Park is definitely worth exploring. If you want to camp beneath tall eucalyptus trees while still enjoying the convenience of full toilet facilities and communal picnic tables and barbecues, then the Gums Camping Area could be perfect for you.

You can drive your car and your Patriot Camper Trailer right up to the campsite, but the area still offers excellent privacy and isolation at its 18 camping spots. For those who prefer a more authentic camping experience, you can swap the gas BBQ for one of the many wood fireplaces that are provided. And if you have your very own camper trailer, a swing-out kitchen can come with you wherever you go!

Perfect for wildlife watching, scenic bush walks, and a slice of serenity, the Gums Campground is ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends.

You can learn more about visiting the Gums Camping Area here.

3. Lake Catani Campground - Mount Buffalo National Park

Boating, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, walking tracks, and more! The Lake Catani Campground within Mount Buffalo National Park has it all.

If you're looking for a camping spot where you can take a hot shower and enjoy the simple luxury of a flushing toilet, then this site might be perfect for you. Lakeside camping can be a magical experience, and with close to 50 designated camping spots to enjoy, you can't go wrong at Lake Catani Campground. 

One of the great things about camping at Lake Catani is the different experiences you can have during summer and winter. Drive in during summer to enjoy all the activities and facilities mentioned above and much more but be sure to book in advance! During winter, only 5 sites are accessible, and you must hike or ski through the snow to access them. All the facilities are closed, but camping is also free during this time. Enjoy an authentic winter camping experience or an excellent summer adventure at Lake Catani.

You can learn more about visiting Lake Catani Campground here.

BONUS DESTINATION: For a remote camping adventure in Mount Buffalo National Park, try the Mount McLeod Campground. You will have to hike about 8km from the Reservoir Picnic area to access it, and you shouldn't expect any toilets - but it offers a camping experience for outdoors enthusiasts!

4. BIG4 Ingenia Holidays - Phillip Island

If you're looking to visit an established and popular Caravan Park for your camping experience, why not make like a penguin and march down to Phillip Island?

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island offers a range of accommodation options, from unpowered sites to powered sites for caravans and campers. Cabins and villas are even available for those who want to add a bit more glamping to their camping experience!

Destinations like BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island won't be for everyone, but it is a lovely, family-friendly location where you can watch a Penguin Parade, go koala spotting, or relax on Newhaven beach. Amenities like washing machines, showers, and even internet access will make you feel like you're at home in the best way possible!

You can learn more about visiting BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island here.

5. Blanket Bay Campground - Great Otway National Park

If you fancy a bushwalk or a hike with a side of fantastic scenery, then Blanket Bay Campground at Cape Otway National Park could be perfect for you. Whether you're stopping overnight as part of the Great Ocean Walk or bringing in your camper trailer and staying a few days, this seaside camping spot has plenty to enjoy. Blanket Bay gives you the best of the beach and the forest rolled into one location. Its 22 unpowered sites are best suited for smaller camper trailers or tents.

You can learn more about visiting Blanket Bay Campground here.

BONUS DESTINATION: Also located in Great Otway National Park, Parker Hill is more suited for 4WD enthusiasts and can be a bit harder to access. This peaceful hilltop forest campsite is just a short (but steep) walk to a secluded beach, and you can also enjoy fishing, rockpools, clifftop walks, and more in the area. 

6. Neds Gully Camp Area - Cathedral Range State Park

Lyrebirds, koalas, rocky ridges, and panoramic views await at Neds Gully Camp Area! Located within Cathedral Range State Park, Neds Gully is an unpowered campsite that offers access to Neds Peak, which gives you a magnificent view of the entire park in all its glory! Enjoy the open woodlands, explore the Little River Trail, and embrace everything that one of the top camping spots in Victoria has to offer!

You can learn more about visiting Neds Gully Camp Area here.

BONUS DESTINATION: There are many great camping spots to experience in the Cathedral Ranges. Head further south along Little River and you will find the Cooks Mill camping area, which features everything from easy walks for families to challenging hikes for enthusiasts. 

7. Fairhaven Campground - French Island National Park

This one is for the tent campers only! Fairhaven Campground is located on French Island, meaning it's only accessible via ferry. Once you get to the jetty, you will need to walk or bike ride to the campground. There are also no open fires allowed on the island, so be sure to pack a portable gas stove and everything you need for cooking. You can also take advantage of the gas BBQs and picnic areas available at the unpowered campsite.

When you're camping at Fairhaven Campground, you will feel like you're staying on your very own private island (because you almost are!) Activities range from bike riding and birdwatching to beach walks and snorkelling. 

You can learn more about visiting Fairhaven Campground here.

8. Candlebark Campground - Lake Eildon

Another excellent lake camping spot, Candlebark Campground is a great place to stay if you're looking to enjoy some water sports while you camp. As well as everything from canoeing to kayaking to paddleboarding on Lake Eildon, you can enjoy scenic trails, fishing, day trips, and more from Candlebark campground.

Candlebark is actually one of three campsites in the Fraser Camping Area at Lake Eildon National Park. You can also check out the Lakeside and Devil Cove campsites, each of which offers a similar yet unique take on the Lake Eildon camping experience. Pack up your tent, your caravan, or your Lifestyle Camper Trailer and explore Lake Eildon today!

You can learn more about visiting Candlebark Campground here.

9. Smiths Mill Campground - Grampians National Park

There's so much to see and do at The Grampians, and camping is a great way to experience it all! Smiths Mill Campground offers more than 25 different camping spots, which are perfect for everything from tents to hybrid campers and campervans.

Visit nearby MacKenzie Falls, bask in spectacular views at Boroka Lookout or learn more about the cultures of the Djab Wurrung and Jardwadjali peoples at the nearby Culture Centre. 

You can learn more about visiting Smiths Mill Campground here.

BONUS DESTINATION: With so many options available, everyone can be a happy camper at The Grampians. Boreang Campground is another beautiful site to set up your tent or camper trailer, while you can enjoy more of a glamping experience at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.

10. Cape Conran Coastal Park - Gippsland

Whether you want to explore woodlands, heathlands, or ocean beaches, Cape Conran is an excellent coastal camping destination. The main campground in the area is Banksia Bluff Campground, which is a great location for salmon fishing, strolling down boardwalks, and enjoying unspoilt beaches. Check out the great range of unpowered campsites available at Banksia Bluff.

Other camping spots in the area are located at Binn Beach, Gunnai Beach, and Pearl Point.

You can learn more about camping at Cape Conran Coastal Park here.

11. Sheepyard Flat South Camping Area - Howqua Hills

Located approximately 45 minutes from Mansfield and 3.5 hours from Melbourne, Howqua Hills is set in a secluded valley and offers endless natural beauty to enjoy. You can camp for free on the 9 flats in the Howqua Hills Historic Area, including Sheepyard Flat. 

From fly fishing to four-wheel-driving to historic bushwalks in the nearby area, there is plenty to experience. More than anything, camping at Sheepyard Flat, Frys Flat, and other parts of the Howqua Hills Historic Area is all about relaxing and taking in nature. 

Learn more about camping in the Howqua Hills Historic Area here. 

And find out more about getting to Sheepyard Flat South Camping Area here.

12. Bear Gully Campground - Waratah Bay

We started this list at Wilsons Prom, so it's only fitting that we finish it just around the corner. Bear Gully Campground overlooks Wilsons Promontory. It is located near Waratah Bay within Cape Liptrap Coastal Park, and it offers a truly tranquil setting for tents, campervans, caravans, and camper trailers alike! 

Take a trip up to Cape Liptrap Lighthouse, hit the surf or cast your fishing rod at the nearby unpatrolled surf beach, or simply relax, unwind and watch the spectacular sunrise and sunset every single day!

You can learn more about visiting Bear Gully Campground here.

About Camping in Victoria: Further Questions and Considerations

Is Beach Camping Permitted in Victoria?

Yes, you can camp on or near beaches in Victoria, but you need to be in the assigned camping area. The beachside and coastal locations mentioned above are just a few of the destinations you can visit if you're looking to camp by the beach.

What Time of Year Is Best to Go Camping in Victoria?

Going camping in the autumn months (March-May) will make it less likely that you're dealing with extremely hot or cold weather.

What Are the Benefits of Going Camping?

Reconnecting with nature can often do wonders for your mental and physical health. If you're looking to escape the trappings of the big city and technology, then heading out to a campsite is a great way to do it. Camping is one of the best holidays for spending quality time together, whether you're camping with your young family or that special someone. You can learn many practical skills on a camping trip, and most of all, camping can be great fun!

What Should I Bring on My Camping Trip?

There are so many things to consider when it comes to your camping checklist. First things first, you'll need somewhere to sleep, whether that's a tent, a camper trailer, or a caravan. If you're serious about camping and you're looking for the best balance between luxury and nature, check out our range of hybrid campers for sale. Other items to pack include appropriate clothing, sleeping bags, torches, plenty of food and water, cooking facilities/camp kitchen, first-aid, and camping furniture. And that's really just scratching the surface.

What Else Do I Need to Consider Before My Camping Trip?

Here are a few more things to remember before you hit the road for your next camping trip:

  • Find out how to access the campsite. Do you need a 4WD or will a 2WD do the job? Can you only camp in a tent or are camper trailers, hybrid campers, or caravans suitable?

  • Look into bookings and payments. Some campsites are free, and others require a small payment. Many campgrounds operate on a first-come-first-served basis, while others will require bookings well in advance, especially during busy holiday periods.

  • What facilities and amenities are onsite? Are you going to a powered or unpowered campsite, or one with a mix of options? Does the site have flushing or non-flush toilets, hot or cold showers, and access to safe drinking water? Where is the nearest town? All these factors are worth considering when planning your ideal camping trip.

  • Check if the site is currently safe to visit. Fires, floods, and fallen trees from strong winds are natural events that can make a campsite unsafe or inaccessible. Sometimes the site will be open but certain areas will be inaccessible. The Parks Victoria website will usually alert you to any reported issues in the area.

  • Plan to leave the campsite as you found it. Many campsites will not have rubbish bins, so you should plan to take all your rubbish with you. Dumping greywater is usually not permitted either, so if you have greywater from the washing, cleaning, or toilet facilities in your camper trailer, make sure you have somewhere to store that greywater for proper disposal at a later date.

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