Dual Battery Installation

While your vehicle may have a battery, it is not designed to power anything other than the start-up process. Attempting to use a single battery to power your campsite will likely lead to a few minutes of light, followed by a dead battery and an expensive callout fee.

If you’d like to have a powered campsite, a dual battery setup is an excellent option. Simply, a dual battery system involves two isolated batteries with two separate purposes, one for power use while the engine is running, and the other for powering all other camp-based gear while the engine is off. The alternator of your vehicle is responsible for charging both batteries, ensuring you won’t lose power.

Professional Dual Battery Installation in Melbourne

Dual batteries are an incredible investment for those who take the camping lifestyle seriously. With dual batteries, you can have a fridge, lighting, cooking, radio and so much more at your campsite. This is all achieved without needing a separate battery, which you’ll need to find a suitable location to recharge.

For the best dual battery installation process in Melbourne and surrounds, Camping Adventures is the premium choice. Our team are experienced and qualified in the mechanical and electrical setup, installation and maintenance of your chosen dual battery system. Each vehicle has different benefits and restrictions when it comes to dual batteries, and likewise every camper has different needs from their dual batteries. We respect and understand these individual differences and will always work with you to find the perfect setup. To organise dual battery installation, contact us today.