When you're off-road driving, trekking along unlit roads, or driving at night, proper lighting is absolutely crucial. This is especially true if you're navigating the varied terrain around Melbourne or Hobart.


Likewise, campsite lighting is important for both safety and to improve enjoyment after dark. Whether in the bushland near Melbourne or along the coastline of Hobart, the right lighting can transform your experience.

If you’re looking for a safer and more enjoyable camping trip, find out more about our range of lighting below. Our best camping lights in Australia are designed to cater to the diverse landscapes of Melbourne, Hobart, and beyond.

Buy Camping Lantern and Lights in Australia

Camping should be about enjoying the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you need to be sitting in the dark. Our range of the best camping lights allow Australia’s camping enthusiasts, especially those in Melbourne and Hobart, to enjoy their holiday long after the sun sets.

If you’re looking to buy a camping lantern, you can’t do better than the Coleman Rugged Lithium-Ion Lantern. With a lithium-ion battery powering a 300-lumen light, this lantern will light up your space for ages.

It can also function as a portable battery for any device that is charged by USB port, making it an incredible 2-for-1 investment for campers in Melbourne and Hobart.

4WD LED Driving Lights

When it comes to 4WD driving lights, the Camping Adventures collection has something for everyone, including those adventuring around Melbourne and Hobart.

The range of Xray Vision round LED lights is perfect for use in semi-rural and bush tracks, common in areas outside Melbourne and Hobart.

The linear 4WD LED driving lights are excellent for both on and off-road driving due to the adjustable beam shape – choose from pencil, spread, and dual beam.

We supply a range of lumen brightness, meaning you have the ability to select a brighter light if you tend to drive difficult terrain in the dark often, or dimmer if you’re mostly on the road where other cars might be travelling towards you. This means you can select the perfect product to keep you and others safest on the roads, whether you're in the busy streets of Melbourne or the rugged terrain near Hobart.

Choosing the perfect driving lights can be daunting, so, if after browsing our range below, you’re still unsure what you need, get in touch with our friendly staff.

Why Choose Us for the Best Camping Lights and Lanterns

Our range of lighting products is specifically tailored for the diverse Australian landscapes, including the unique terrains of Melbourne and Hobart.<br>We offer the best camping lights in Australia, perfect for enhancing your outdoor adventures in any setting.

Our expert team provides personalized advice to help you choose the ideal lighting solutions for your specific needs.