Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Roughing it doesn’t need to be rough on your back, after all! Our range of furniture is comfortable, durable and perfect for both beginner and avid campers alike. Whether you’re looking to sit for 10 minutes during a quick lunch break or 10 hours during a fishing marathon, we have something for you!

Camping Chairs Australia

Our range of camping chairs are Australia’s finest and are sure to bring you joy every time you use them.

A crowd favourite is the Helinox Savanna Chair which weighs less than 2 kilos, making it the perfect companion on hikes or at the campground. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, the EPE Monster Chair holds an incredible 200 kilos, and comes with padded mesh inserts, a cup holder, cooler bag and even a magazine holder. This chair is perfect for the camper who loves to relax at the end of a long day.

We also have a number of camping chair accessories that will really level up your experience. The Oztent HotSpot Thermal Pouch will have you toasty warm without needing to sit too close to the fire, and doesn’t have any included batteries. Combine with a Lumbar Pack to soothe an aching back or keep your HotSpot close while you’re on a night hike.

Darche Camp Chair

Our range of Darche camp chairs are top-of-the-line camping chairs, which will be turning heads no matter where you are.

The Darche 260 chair features a built-in drink holder and insulated storage pocket, so your beer and snacks will stay cool and delicious even when it’s a scorcher outside.  With a steel frame and wide feet, this chair will stay strong, even on soft surfaces.

The Darche Vipor chair features a large multi-use storage attachment, perfect for keeping lures or lines at hand while fishing. The rear storage pocket is perfect for holding a book or speaker, while the retractable drink holder keeps your beverage nearby.

The Darche Firefly chair is a standout in the line due to its folding side table, giving you plenty of room for personal items or meals.