Roof Rack Installation

Sometimes you need a little extra storage on your car, camper or caravan. Whether it’s for cargo, a rooftop tent or large recreational equipment, a roof rack can save you the stress and hassle of trying to fit everything inside your vehicle. This means less stress, less mess and a more enjoyable camping trip overall.

Roof racks can support a number of add-ons to make your camping experience easier. If you have more cargo than will fit into the body of the vehicle, a cargo box will keep any luggage secure, clean and dry. If you’re an avid biker, bike racks can be installed. Snowsports and watersports attachment systems mean no sacrificing your kayak, paddleboard or skis for that extra suitcase – you can take both!

Professional Roof Rack Installation in Melbourne

When you’re looking for professional roof rack installation in Melbourne, Camping Adventures is the top option. As a family-owned business, we understand how valuable your camping vehicles are and we treat them with the utmost care throughout the installation process. We will communicate each of the steps involved clearly and will never upsell you if we don’t think it is necessary.

We can supply completely removable clip, track mounted, fixed point and raised rail roof racks. Which option you choose depends on the model of your car, the carrying capacity and the intensity of driving you intend to do while using your roof rack. We will help you to select the style of roof rack that will work best and keep all of your belongings safe and secure.

Choose Camping Adventures for your roof rack installation, maintenance and products. To organise your roof rack installation, contact us today.