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Bags and Luggage

When you’re on the road, space is at a premium. You want to keep your items contained and organised, but you don’t want to sacrifice space to do so. Our range of camping bags and luggage are lightweight, minimally bulky and incredibly helpful on your camping, caravanning or 4-wheel driving trips.

Camping Storage Bags

Our range of camping storage bags will allow you to separate items and make packing and unpacking a breeze. The Sea to Summit range features a large, 13 litre dry sack, designed to keep items dry if not submerged, it features a white PU coated interior, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. If time is at a premium and you need to be able to find your belongings quickly, the Sea to Summit View Dry Sack features a clear window which is durable, water resistant and will allow you to easily locate your desired items.

Darche Nero Bag and Expedition Storage Box

When it comes to heavy duty storage on the road, the Expedition 134 box is simply the best choice. Unlike many other storage boxes, it can be tied down securely but still opened, thanks to its external tie-down points. The Expedition 134 box contains absolutely no metal components, so it is rust resistant even in harsh environments.

For a lightweight and convenient gear bag, we love the Darche Nero 190 and 240 varieties. With waterproof seams and sides, you can feel comfortable strapping these bags to your roof racks and know your belongings will remain dry and clean.

Bags & Luggage