Bull Bar Installation

When you are in the outback, there are plenty of risks to manage. A commonly discussed one is wildlife. While snakes, spiders and more are dangerous when you are in the tent or out on a hike, you may not have considered the dangers when you’re driving. A bull bar is one way to control for these dangers. Bull bars are the perfect way to keep your bodywork, headlights and yourself safe if a fast-moving animal like a kangaroo were to unfortunately end up in your path. They also provide some lesser discussed but useful functions, described below:

Professional Bull Bar Installation in Melbourne

While protection is a key feature of bull bars, they are also a convenient place to install accessories such as winches, lights and aerials. Winches are an especially useful accessory, helping you get out of a tricky spot without relying on other drivers being around. Bullbars can also support lights, which are useful for off-roading in dark, foggy or obscured locations. Some of our provided bullbars can improve chassis protection with a seamless underbody plate.

Camping Adventures offer bull bar installation in Melbourne that is sure to satisfy. Our technicians are skilled and qualified and will install your new bull bar while taking extreme care of your front bumper and bodywork. Each vehicle and driver have different requirements, and our team will take all the time needed to find the perfect fit.

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