Cooking & Kitchen

We know that when you’re roughing it in the great outdoors, you still want a hot tasty meal at the end of a long day. Our products are designed to enhance your culinary experience while camping in Melbourne, Hobart, or anywhere in between. Camping Adventures’ huge range of cooking and kitchen essentials will allow you to whip up some food quickly, easily, and with minimal bulky equipment. To add value, consider our eco-friendly options that minimise environmental impact while enjoying Australia's scenic beauty.

Camping Cooking Equipment Australia

For the best camping cooking equipment Australia has to offer, you can’t beat our collection. In Melbourne's markets and Hobart's outdoor shops, our range is praised for its versatility and quality. With our large Ozpig and Gasmate range, you’ll be able to produce some truly delicious food, even while in the middle of nowhere. Ease of use and reliability in diverse Australian climates is what sets our equipment apart. From the Gasmate Single Burner Stove to the new and improved Ozpig Series 2, there is a heat source that will work for every application.

The accessories available for your basic burners will take your meals to the next level. Cooking becomes an art with the right tools, even when you're miles from the nearest kitchen. With diffusers and multiple styles of grill plate, you can cook fish or chicken without drying it out, or even simmer sauces for a luxurious camping meal. Add a spice kit to your essentials for a flavor-packed feast under the Melbourne sky or amidst Hobart's wilderness.

If you’re looking to create zoned heat in your Ozpig oven, the Heatbead Basket is an excellent option. By adding briquettes to the basket, you create one extra hot area and one cooler area. This gives you the ability to boil water for pasta and gently heat a tomato sauce, all on the same cooktop.

Camping Cooking Essentials

There are certain items that could be considered a luxury while camping, and others are definitely camping cooking essentials. For campers in Melbourne's Yarra Valley or on Hobart's trails, a multi-use tool is invaluable. If you’re planning to cook directly over a campfire, a sturdy and durable Quart Camp Oven will help you when cooking your stews, beans, or veggies. This camp oven is a favorite among Melbourne bushcraft enthusiasts for its durability. A Rome XL Square Pie Iron will let you whip up toast, pies, or burritos quickly and safely. It's a must-have for those early morning starts in Hobart's crisp air. Of course, be sure to get some mess kits and canteen cups which are designed to be easy to clean and stand up to all the bumps and knocks that camping can throw at them. These kits are perfect for the eco-conscious Melbourne camper or the Hobart adventurer seeking practicality and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Tips: Enhance your camping experience by following eco-friendly practices. Use biodegradable soaps, minimise plastic waste by using reusable containers, and always ensure you leave no trace at your campsite. Not only will this protect the natural beauty of places like Melbourne and Hobart, but it also ensures that wildlife and future campers can enjoy the pristine environments.

Culinary Tips for Campers: Elevate your camping meals by incorporating local Australian ingredients. In Melbourne, add a twist to your campfire meals with native spices, or in Hobart, try incorporating fresh, locally-sourced seafood. These small touches not only support local producers but also enrich your outdoor dining experience.