80+ Caravan, Camper Trailer, and Camping Accessories for Your Next Adventure

Camping mug sitting on a tree stump

No camping trip is complete without a carload of camping gear, gadgets, accessories, equipment, and supplies. In this article, we're going to list just some of the camping accessories you'll want to pick up from a camping store in Melbourne (or online).

That's right - a list of 80+ items is just some of what you might need! Your full list will depend on a number of factors, from your camping style to whether you're staying in the bush or at a caravan park, and much more.

There's a huge range of equipment to explore in so many different categories. So, without further delay, let's get started.

Cooking and Kitchen Camping Accessories in Australia


Camping mug sitting on a tree stump


Cooking is a huge part of any camping adventure, so you're going to need all the camping cooking essentials before you head out.

Add some of these items to your list when you're shopping for camping cooking equipment in Australia:

  • Camping crockery and accessories: Including cutlery, cutting boards, plates, bowls, and other crockery. Don't forget insulated tumblers and travel mugs, coffee cups, a sharp knife, and wine glasses so you can enjoy a glass of wine in style!

  • Camping cookware: Ranging from campfire ovens to gas burners with grills. You can even throw in a rotisserie kit, a stainless steel toaster rack or a toasting fork depending on your cooking style. Saucepans and frypans are other camping-kitchen-must-haves. Hot tip: Stackable cookware is a great way to save space!

  • Gas BBQ: A space-saving barbeque like the Weber Q can be a great accessory for your camper trailer or hybrid camper. Throw in a BBQ mat and a BBQ Arm to easily mount your barbeque and keep the whole process as clean as possible. 

  • Coffee maker: If you don't have a hybrid camper with its own Barista station, an AeroPress is an easy manual method for making quality coffee.

  • Fridge/Freezer: You can get a portable fridge and freezer that's perfect for your camper trailer set-up. Caravan fridges are also available to buy for caravan users.

  • For Your Water: Water is a big part of cooking (and cleaning) on a camping trip. So, make sure you pack water tanks, water bladders, inline water filters for your tanks, food-grade water hoses, and hose bags, to name just a few.

Other items for the kitchen include:

  • Tongs
  • Gas lighters
  • Potato peelers/vegetable peelers
  • Egg slice
  • Kettle
  • Can openers
  • Food storage containers
  • Foil and cling wrap
  • A tablecloth
  • Stubby holders
  • An Esky
  • Picnic mat
  • And that's without mentioning all the food you will need!

Cleaning and Bathroom Camping Supplies

After cooking and eating come cleaning and the bathroom... OK, that's enough said! Here are some cleaning and bathroom items for your camping trip:

  • Towels: After your shower, you can't forget the towels! Look for quick-drying towels for convenience when repacking.

  • Portable Gas Hot Water System: Because everyone wants the modern luxury of washing and cleaning with hot water!

  • Outdoor Flooring Mats: Perfect for keeping the inside of your camper trailer clean!

  • Handheld vacuum: A great way to clean up crumbs in indoor environments

  • Rubbish bags and bins: Standard black rubbish bags are a great start, and collapsible hampers can also be used to store all your camping or caravan rubbish during your camping trip.

  • Cleaning products: Including toilet sprays, dishwashing detergent/liquids, and washing powder

Don't forget these additional cleaning and bathroom items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Citronella candles
  • Tissues
  • Beach towels
  • Dustpan, brush, and broom
  • Rubber gloves 
  • Dishcloths and tea towels
  • Scourers
  • A big bucket!

Camping Clothing and Footwear

We probably don't need to tell you that you need appropriate outdoor clothing in Australia, from sun protection to sturdy footwear. Here are a few items you may have forgotten when it comes to camping clothing, outdoor clothing and footwear in Melbourne.

  • A variety of footwear: Everything from safety toe shoes to hiking boots to thongs (or flip flops)

  • Outerwear: Including jackets, rain jackets, and vests.

  • Your favourite hat: Whether that's wide brim, straw, a camo cap, a beanie, or this stylish number!

  • A clothing hamper: If you're going camping for more than a few days, you'll appreciate a collapsible hamper for all your worn clothes.

  • Clotheslines: You can get washing lines in various forms, whether that's a full portable camping clothesline or some rope and string tied between two trees. It could be for washing clothes in your camper trailer or caravan washing machine or simply drying out wet towels and tea towels!

Here are a few other items to remember:

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Long-sleeve tops and pants
  • Dresses and skirts
  • Sleepwear
  • Thermals,
  • Thick socks
  • Clothes pegs
  • Scarves

Camping Furniture 

The absolute camping furniture essentials are chairs and tables.

In our humble opinion, Darche camp chairs are some of the best camping chairs in Australia. Try the Darche Vipor Chair, the Darche Firefly Chair, the Darche Eagle, or the Darche 260, to name just a few. 

A collapsible camping table is highly important too. It should be strong and stable but compact enough to pack away and not take up too much storage space. 

Camping furniture can also include outdoor recliners and loungers, collapsible wardrobes and shelves, and camp kitchen tables/benches.

Sleeping Camping Supplies

Get the best night's sleep on your next camping trip with all of the following items and more!

  • Sleeping bag: A camping trip essential, you can't go wrong with a sleeping bag from OzTrail or Mannagum (check out the Sub Zero and Rottnest sleeping bags!)

  • Pillows and Sheets: For those who are sleeping in a comfy camper trailer bed, you should bring along some plush sheets and pillows. At the end of a day of outdoor adventures, you'll be glad for a well-made bed! inflatable pillows and travel pillows are also great additions, as well as mattress toppers or upgraded mattresses!

Other sleeping items you may want to pack include inflatable mattresses, eye masks, ear plugs, portable cots, swags, hammocks, sleeping pads, car sleeping bags, and self-inflating mats/mattresses.

Heating and Cooling Camping Gadgets

Beating the heat or fighting the cold can be tricky when you're out in nature. But there are various steps you can take, especially if you're camping in a camper trailer or hybrid camper.

  • For cooling: Portable fans or 12-volt fans are a great way to keep cool. The feeling of air blowing on your face can help to cool you down, even on a hot day. Fans can also be used to distribute hot or cold air generated by other appliances to all areas of your tent or trailer. Look for portable or 12-volt fans with multiple speed settings and timer settings.

  • For heating: Diesel heaters are among the most popular heating options for camper trailers and hybrid campers. Diesel heaters are also a great way to combat condensation in your trailer.

Power and Lighting Camping Gear

The great thing about camping in hybrid campers or camper trailers is that you can get access to gas and electricity, including 12-volt power. This means you'll probably want to pack a range of camper gadgets, gear, equipment, and accessories that make use of this power!

Even if you're not using camper trailer and caravan appliances, everyone can take advantage of camping lights and lanterns. Here are just a few of our suggestions.

  • Inverters: An inverter allows you to charge or run your everyday appliances through your 12-volt power system. Depending on the type of appliances you want to run, you might be fine with a bigger or smaller inverter.

  • Solar Panels: If you want to run your electrical appliances with the help of solar, you're going to need some portable solar panels, such as solar blankets or fold-up panels.

  • USB Chargers: You can get 12-volt USB charger outlets for your camper trailer to charge so many of your favourite devices. If you have an older camper that's equipped with cigarette lighter sockets but not USB charging points, a cigarette USB charger is an ideal solution.

Protection and Safety Camping Equipment

Staying safe and protecting your gear on a camping trip is important. To achieve this, you'll need a comprehensive range of safety and protection equipment, including:

  • Camper Covers and Tyre Covers: These protective covers are especially useful for protecting your camper trailer if it's being stored outdoors for months between use. Get camper covers to protect the whole structure and tyre covers specifically for the tyres. Protect against moisture, sun exposure, UV rays, and even snow.

  • Brake Controllers: For some camper trailer and tow vehicle setups, it might not be legally required to install a brake controller. However, it's highly recommended to install brake controllers anyway to keep yourself, your family, and those around you safe on the road.

  • Portable Fire Pits: Bringing along your own foldable fire pit is a great way to ensure the fire at your campsite is safe, tidy, and easy to control. 

  • Alarms: When it comes to alarms, you should treat your camper like your family home. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms could be a lifesaver, so make sure you install them and check the batteries before you travel. You can pick up a battery-operated smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector online or at a hardware store.

  • Fire Safety: Make sure you have a fire extinguisher to fight fire danger in caravans and camper trailers. Ensure that you know how to use your extinguisher and that it is not expired. A fire blanket is another great addition to your camping set-up. Fire blankets can be used to smother a fire, cover a person who is on fire, or shield yourself or others from a fire.

  • First Aid: You should have a fully stocked first aid kit for your camping trip, either one you have made yourself or purchased pre-packed. Often called survival kits or survival packs, a camping first aid kit should include the largest range of supplies possible. This includes but is not limited to band-aids/adhesives, antiseptic, bandages, gauze, sterile eye pads, adhesive tape, ice packs, nitrile gloves, safety pins, saline, paracetamol, tweezers, and any specific medication you need.

  • Toolkits: The best way to protect your camping gear is sometimes to ensure it can be fixed quickly. Stock your toolkit with a hammer, pliers, cutters, duct tape, zip ties, shifters, a Stanley knife, flat-head screwdrivers, Phillips head screwdrivers, socket and spanner sets, and other essentials.

Recreational Camping Supplies

Camping is all about having fun! Here are a few items you can pack to add more enjoyment to every day!

  • Whiteboards: A magnetic whiteboard is a great outlet for doodling, drawing, and games of Pictionary! You can also use them to jot down important information, such as items for your camping checklist or information about your campsite.

  • Outdoor speakers: Why not play some tunes while you're sitting around the campfire? Durable, waterproof portable outdoor speakers with long battery life are a great way to add some ambience to your camping trip. Just make sure you're respectful of any neighbours.

  • Scratch Map of Australia: An Australia scratch map is an interactive map that lets you scratch off areas that you have visited! Perfect for anyone who is camping around the country. 

  • 12-Volt Smart TV: Escaping from the TV might be the very reason you went camping! But if you or anyone you're camping with wants some screen time, a 12-volt smart TV might come in handy.

  • Inflatable Soccer Net: Set yourself up for some friendly competition with an inflatable soccer net.

  • Water activities: Take summer camping to the next level with an inflatable pool, an H20 Go Double Slider and other water-based recreational gear!

4X4 Camping Accessories

If you love to go off-road on your camping trips, some of these 4WD camping accessories could be perfect for you.

  • Storage Boxes: Perfect for off-roaders and camping enthusiasts of all kinds, a storage box is a simple but useful must-have. Pick up an Expedition 134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box and tie it down with matching Expedition 134 Quick Release Straps.

  • PCOR Rims to Suit Your Vehicle: Give your 4X4 rig the toughest look with PCOR Rims. You can get PCOR Rims to suit Toyota Hilux, Prado, and Mitsubishi Triton, as well as Toyota Landcruiser, RAM 1500 DS, and more. PCOR Wheel nuts are also available.

  • Winch Ropes: Get a metal-free replacement winch rope that you can use in place of a steel winch cable or synthetic winch rope with a metal hook or metal thimble. Check out the Maxtrax Static Winch Rope here.

  • GPS: If you are heading on a camping trip - especially if you are going off-road, it pays to have a GPS that has downloaded maps and can function offline.

Other 4x4 accessories to consider for your off-road adventure include car awnings, tyre deflators, recovery kits, UHF radios, and the driving lights mentioned in the lighting section of this article.

Bags and Luggage for Camping Trips

It's fair to say you'll need plenty of bags, luggage, and storage for your camping trip. As well as the storage boxes mentioned in the section above, you might also want:

  • Dry sacks: Lightweight, compact, and perfect for keeping all manner of items dry and secure. Check out the Sea to Summit dry sacks in our range, like this one and this one.

  • BBQ Storage Bags and BBQ Covers: The perfect place to store your BBQ and BBQ grill plate after use. 

  • Swag Bags: Transport swags, sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, and more in swag bags, like the Darche Nero 240 or the Darche Nero 190. They're the perfect camping storage bags.

  • Clear Storage Bags: For when you need to find an item quickly, you'll be glad that you picked up a storage bag made from a clear material.

  • Flat Pack Storage Boxes: A collapsible storage box saves space in more ways than one. Throw plenty of camping accessories in it when it's set up and fold it away when not in use!

When it comes to storage, make sure you also have plenty of gas bottles, grey water tanks, and a jerry can for carrying spare fuel.

Camper Trailer Accessories and Trailer Parts

Finally, here are just a few camper trailer parts and accessories you may want to pack for your camping trip.

  • Trailer Locks: It's not likely that someone will drive away with your camper trailer when you unhitch and turn your back! But if you want to protect against this possibility and enjoy complete peace of mind, pick up a trailer lock that matches your style of hitch. For example, you can get a DO35 Hitch Lock for a DO35 Hitch.

  • Levelling Devices: If your camper trailer isn't parked on level ground, a levelling device like a levelling block is a great way to make sure the sleeping and indoor areas aren't on a slant. You can also use a good old fashion spirit level or even place a glass of water on a bench inside the camper to see if everything is set up on a level plane. If you're parked on an incline, you may also benefit from wheel chocks.

  • Jack Pads: Camper Trailer Jack Pads prevent the stabiliser legs of your camper from sinking into the ground over the course of your camping trip. Pick up this handy accessory or risk having to dig up your stabilisers!

  • Roof Racks and Bike Racks: For camper trailers with a hard, reinforced roof, installing a roof rack is a great way to add extra storage. You can also invest in bike racks that are compatible with your camper trailer. While you're at it, why not pick up a combination bike lock so you can leave your bicycle unattended at your campsite without worrying?

  • Portable Steps: When you step out of your camper, there is sometimes a bit of a distance between the bottom of the trailer and the ground. If this is the case for you, pick up a simple, sturdy fold-up step that you can step onto when getting out of your trailer or caravan.

  • A Reversing Camera: If your car doesn't already have a reversing camera, investing in one could make life with a camper trailer easy. This isn't for when you're on the road or trying to park, as the trailer would obscure the view of the camera. But when you're hooking your vehicle up to your trailer, a wireless reversing camera makes it easy to reverse your car into the perfect position. When you're actually on the road, camper trailer/caravan towing mirrors can be a useful accessory.

  • Air Compressor: Perfect for pumping up your car tyres, camper trailer tyres, and even your bike tyres. An air compressor is a great addition to your camping checklist whether you have a camper trailer or not!

Start Ticking Off Your Camping Checklist Today

We hope this list of camping accessories, gadgets, and gear has given you some inspiration for your camping checklist. As the home of camper trailers and camping gear in Melbourne and Hobart, Camping Adventures can hook you up with a great range of products.

From tray beds for your 4x4 to lights for your car and accessories for your Patriot camper trailer or Lifestyle hybrid camper, we do it all. Feel free to explore our range or contact us to make an enquiry.
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