Get to Know the Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer

Get to Know the Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer

Lifestyle camper trailers are a great way to travel across the country. Essentially a house on wheels, you can save a ton on lodging costs with the freedom to camp (almost) wherever you want. Yet, as charming as they are on the outside, older and vintage models can often be cramped and uncomfortable on the inside.

The camper trailer industry has responded with innovative designs that offer greater comfort and convenience. Among these, the Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer has emerged as a standout option for those looking for a refined adventure experience.

The Reconn R4T LRX is the latest release by Lifestyle Campers, one of Australia’s leading off-road hybrid caravan and off-road camper trailer manufacturers. This remarkable trailer offers the perfect balance of luxury and ruggedness, embodying the spirit of adventure in its every feature. 

Let's find out more about what this lifestyle camper trailer has to offer. 

The Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer: Redefining the Hypercamper 

The Reconn R4T LRX is a modern solution to the traditional lifestyle camper trailer. It provides a spacious, comfortable and safe travel experience for those looking to explore the great outdoors. With its heavy-duty construction and high-end features, it is designed to be a reliable way to take your holiday on the road.

Refinement and Sophistication for the Ultimate Camping Experience

Travel in comfort and style. The new LRX has drawn on all aspects of an adventurer's lifestyle to deliver a camper with a rugged fresh new look and functionality. The LRX has been built with quality materials and is designed to be durable for extended life on the road. With its modern look, the LRX boasts sleek lines that emphasise its stylish appearance.

Luxurious features include:

  • 2 X sirocco 12 volt fans
  • Luxury Premium leather trim
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning 
  • Digital TV antenna
  • Truma D6 diesel heater with integrated water and space heating
  • Queen-size pillow top mattress
  • Layout options available

Cook with Ease in the Eco-Friendly Kitchen 

At the end of a long day of traversing the great outdoors, there's nothing like a hot, freshly prepared meal. The gourmet kitchen in the Reconn LRX range has taken contemporary queues and delivers complete modern luxury and function while remaining eco-friendly.

Kitchen features include: 

  • Larger black sink
  • Filtered drinking waterspout
  • A sleek dual-zone induction cooktop
  • Roller door protection on the pantry and spice cupboard
  • Ample bench space
  • Dimmable colour-changing strip lights 
  • Kitchen hatch 

lifestyle camper van kitchen

Waterfall Edge Ensuite: All the Comforts of Home

Experience the future of mobile bathroom design with the Reconn LRX sleek ensuite. No more unsightly drain holes – they've introduced a seamless waterfall edge for a clean look and easy cleaning. The modern hot water unit allows travellers to enjoy the convenience of hot showers, anytime of the day.

Bathroom features include: 

  • Non-slip flooring
  • Stylish shower curtain
  • Modern toilet 
  • Premium fixtures 

Tech-Savvy for the Modern Traveller 

One of the most notable features is its power and technology-ready design. The LRX comes with a built-in solar charging system, allowing you to stay off the grid and enjoy an authentic camping experience while having access to modern amenities such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

Technology features include:

  • Victron 70 amp MPPT Smart Solar charger with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Victron 30 amp DC-DC charger with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Simarine battery and systems monitor with connectivity to your smartphone
  • The Victron/Simarine system allows enhanced charging capacity, functionality and smartphone connectivity

Premium Finishes Throughout 

Unique to the LRX you’ll find a new front storage design, incorporating 2 x 20Lt jerry can holders, room for 2 x 4kg gas bottle enclosure, and the diesel tank for the Truma D6 diesel heater. The new sleek design incorporates a powder-coated smooth-look base, along with LED taillights with sequential indicators.

As well as the following:

  • Sleek new rock slider design with integrated rear corner protection
  • Folding picnic table next to the kitchen
  • 900mm driver’s side utility slide
  • Passenger-side BBQ slide suiting the size of a Weber Baby Q

Designed with the Adventurous in Mind

The R4T LRX is designed for a lifetime of adventure. Its high ground clearance, combined with its sturdy chassis and triple reinforcement, makes it a formidable ally against harsh conditions. These features make it not only sturdy but also capable of tackling diverse terrains, from sandy beaches to rocky mountains. 

Other features include:

  • DO35 off-road hitch 3.5 tonne tow pin
  • 17” Method wheels wrapped in mud terrain tyres
  • 3 x 90L water tanks; with a separate 50L drinking water tank
  • 65L Grey Water Tank
  • Air outlet for pumping up tyres
  • Cruisemaster ATX Tandem air bag suspension

Go Off Grid with Confidence

The Reconn R4T LRX has been designed to tackle the harsh Australian terrain, so you can visit the most off-grid destinations. A full electrical management system governed by the Simarine Monitoring System keeps your trailer and your gear charged and operational for weeks at a time. For total peace of mind, you can replenish your power with smart solar solutions. 

Included features: 

  • 2 x 200amp hour Zeal Lithium battery
  • Victron 70amp MPPT smart solar charger
  • Victron 120amp 240 volt charger
  • Victron 30amp DC-DC charger all with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 X 360 watt Victron Energy Solar panels mounted on the roof making for a total of 1080 watts or solar input 

The Ultimate Camping Companion: Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer

It's clear that this remarkable piece of engineering is more than just a conventional lifestyle camper trailer. Its unique features make it a must-have for camping enthusiasts seeking a touch of refinement in their outdoor escapades.

When considering the LRX, remember to weigh in your camping needs and preferences. If you value comfort, luxury, and sustainability in your camping adventures and aren't deterred by the maintenance of high-end finishes and systems, the Reconn R4T LRX is a perfect fit.

Lifestyle Camper Trailers for Sale

Camping Adventures is proud to partner with Lifestyle Campers, the brains behind the Reconn R4T LRX Lifestyle Camper Trailer. As an authorised dealer for Reconn lifestyle campers in Tasmania and Victoria, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

If you are interested in any of our Lifestyle Campers for sale, we break down all the key features of each model right here online. We also welcome all customers to visit our Melbourne showroom and view the campers up close.

Stopping by the showroom is a great way to experience everything that lifestyle campers have to offer. Of course, our expert staff are more than happy to give a demonstration, take you through all the features and answer any questions. As service and warranty partners of lifestyle campers, we can also provide you with a range of insurance options.
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