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Lifestyle Campers Iconn E2 being towed across a river by a 4x4


We are the proud authorised dealer for Lifestyle Campers in Victoria and Tasmania. As such, we like to present to you the new 2022 models that complete the range of Lifestyle’s off-road camper trailers.
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What are Lifestyle Campers?

Lifestyle Campers has an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s leading off-road camper trailer manufacturers for over 20 years. Their focus will always be on innovation, function, quality, and value for money. Their pioneering spirit has allowed to produce innovative camping solutions that meet the wants and needs of the modern-day Australian adventurer.

Lifestyle Campers is located in Queensland and their Reconn range is fully Australian made. All models are tested at headquarters and undergo a durability, functionality, and convenience tests that the rugged Australian landscape demands. From sandy dunes to tough outback tracks or a quick getaway to your favourite caravan park, Lifestyle Campers has a model for you – ready to take on whatever challenge you intend to throw its way.

Now, let’s explore the full range of Lifestyle Campers.



Price starts from $39,950Setup of the Lifestyle Campers Iconn E2 in the studio

The starter hypercamper in the whole range and the natural evolution of the Iconn Evo. This is the perfect example of value for money. Lifestyle Campers reduced overall size and while maximising functionality and internal space. The Iconn E2 is just as capable of handling varying terrains as the other models and even though the standard inclusions are pretty great, there are also plenty of options to make this camper trailer perfect for your camping needs.

Sleeps 3 -5 people, 3 layout options, external ensuite

The Iconn E2 is small in size, but big in features. The quick, stress-free setup with the pop top roof, swing out kitchen, and wind out awning gives you more time to enjoy every moment of your camping adventure. This tiny beast conceals a large storage space accessible from both inside and outside. The swing out kitchen features a 2-burner gas stove with stainless steel sink, which gives you everything you would need while on the road.The 120 a/h AGM deep cycle battery, 2 x 80L water tanks and 12v high flow water pump with tap give you the independence to go truly off-grid without a worry.

Tare weight 1550kg, atm weight 2300kg, length 5500mm, width 2020mm, travel height 2100mm, open height 2050mm

Here you can view all specifications, standard inclusionsand optional accessories.



Price starts from $45,950Iconn E2 Elite setup in studio

A new 2022 model from Lifestyle Campers. It has all the class leading features of the Iconn E2, with some exciting enhancements. This includes:

  • Fully plumbed cassette toiler mounted under the dinette seat
  • Generous sized, rear fold out, hard roofed ensuite and tent
  • Upgraded water capacity to 200L
  • Standard filtered dust suppression system
  • 240v pack with outlets throughout
  • 2x reading lights to the head of the queen bed
  • Smarttec hot water system and mount
  • Improved optional bunk lay-out

Tare weight:   1750kg
ATM weight:   2500kg
Length:           5690mm
Width:             2020mm
Travel height:  2140mm
Open height:   2850mm

Here, you can view all specifications on this new model. 



Price starts from $73,450Reconn R2 Elite - setup in studio

Reconn is derived from the word reconnaissance meaning, “small, strong force that would be prepared for anything”. The Reconn R2 Elite Hypercamper is durable, comfortable, and convenient, so you are all set for wherever your camping adventures might take you.

Made in Australia, sleeps 1-4, 3 layout options, ensuite option

Simply push the button and the automatic DC actuators will have your roof up in no time. It is one of the quickest and easiest setups in the market. The rugged external design of the R2 Elite conceals the huge amount of storage space and with the two 120 a/h deep cycle batteries, two 175-watt roof mounted solar panel and REDARC BMS you will have the independence to go off-grid without a worry.

Tare weight 1650kg, atm weight 2000kg, length 5800mm, width 1880mm, travel height 2150mm, open height 3025mm

This hypercamper has options galore. Here you can view all specifications, standard inclusions, and optional accessories. You can customise this Australian made camper for your wants and needs or check out the other hypercampers in the recon range and find one that already has everything your heart desires.



Price starts from $81,450

The Reconn R2 SE had a modern design with the black 22L stainless steel sink, 3 burner black cooktop and black tapware. Other upgrades in the kitchen include a cutlery drawer, spice rack cupboard, and adjustable LED strip lighting to the kitchen hatch door.

When you pick the SE model, you get the Victron package. This includes a Simarine Battery and Systems Monitor, a Zeal battery with upgraded power to 200amp hour, and you will receive a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty!

The T-locks are covered, making the storage compartments look streamlines and sleek. That is not the only improvements made to the storage compartments. You can now access a snack cupboard from the bed, and you will be better organised with the split floor in the main storage unit.

Tare weight:    1650kg
ATM weight:   2800kg
Length:            5800mm
Width:             1920mm
Travel height:  2150mm
Open height:   2920mm

Click here for any updates on the Reconn R2 SE model. 




Price starts from $121,450

The new Reconn R2 LRX has drawn on all of Lifestyle’s experience, commitment to excellence, and delivered a camper with a rugged fresh new look and functionality. From its smooth sides to its exhilarating new look, the LRX includes black tap ware that will make your camper trailer look sleek and sophisticated.

This model also comes standard with an external 130L fridge/freezer and an upgraded ATX 2.8T Airbag stage 3 suspension.

Tare weight:    1900kg
ATM weight:    2800kg
Length:            6020mm
Width:             1970mm
Travel height:   2150mm
Open height:   2920mm

Check here for any updates on the Reconn R2 LRX model




Price starts from $90,450 and $97,450 

Reconn R4 Elite single axle setup in studio

The Reconn R4 Elite is a luxurious and comfortable hypercamper with all the features and functionality you could ever want. This truly off-grid capable camper trailer is ready for your active camping adventures. Enjoy the standard outfitted cutlery drawer, spice rack, stainless steel sink and many optional features to make this your home away from home. With a rough exterior and luxurious interior, you are guaranteed comfort and security in the Australian outback.

Tare weight 2050kg, ATM weight 2000kg, length 6600mm, width 2020mm, travel height 2250mm, open height 3000mm

Naturally, the Reconn R4 tandem model weighs more but is also 20mm less wide. A trade-off you will have to make between these two Elitists camper trailers. Talk to the team about your vehicle’s tow carrying capability and your camper carrying needs, so we can advise which setup will best suit your lifestyle.

 Tare weight 2450kg, ATM weight 3500kg, length 6600mm, width 2000mm, travel height 2250mm, open height 3000mm



Price starts from $97,450 and $104,450Reconn R4 SE single axle setup in studio

The Lifestyle Campers have always been class leader in innovation and design with the Reconn series. The new Reconn SE model range adds a whole new dimension to the already existing and iconic models.

Australian made, sleeps 1-5 people, 2 layout options, ensuite standard 


An enhanced kitchen with beautiful black tapware, an elegant waterfall edge ensuite, and more power and water tank capacity will allow you to get off-road for longer. View all specifications on the R4 SE here or talk to our team to discuss the tandem option.

Tare weight:    2100kg – 2300kg
ATM weight:    2800kg – 3500kg
Length:            6600mm
Width:              2060mm
Travel height:   2250mm
Open height:   2800mm – 3500mm



Price starts from $145,950 Reconn R4T LRX interior

If you want the best of the best. If you want it all. Then look no further. Lifestyle Campers has announced the pinnacle of all campers: The Reconn R4T LRX!

The word hypercamper must be redefined because of this innovative, compact, go anywhere, off-grid camper trailer that has no compromises.

Australian made, sleeps 1-5 people, 2 layout options, ensuite standard



Tare weight:    2500kg
ATM weight:   3500kg
Length:            6850mm
Width:             2110mm
Travel height:  2450mm
Open height:   3100mm

The new R4T LRX is optioned to impress, and its specifications is testament to that. There is nothing like a sleek, modern kitchen which delivers total luxury and function.




Lifestyle Campers is a reputable Australian brand and family-owned, which we as Camping Adventures support. Whether you are just looking around or whether you already know which model tickles your fancy, contact our Lifestyle Campers expert for a chat. So that you can start or advance your camping adventures with the right camper trailer for you.




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