Patriot Campers X1



A domestic stove & grill, revolutionary PCOR Hexocore awning with additional support, new decals, off-road tyres, and more safety options are a few of the updated features on the X1 Evolution from Patriot Campers.
Pricing starts from $50,990.
patriot campers X1 model year 2022 in green
Available colours: 
   Colour options for the Patriot Campers X range: white, blue, black, green     
Features on the Patriot Campers X1 model year 2021 include: sleeps 2 to 8, 950kg dry tare, 1600kg atm, 120kg draw bar, 2000 liter storage space

KITCHENL-shaped kitchen on the Patriot Campers X1 where a couple is cooking

The kitchen on the X1 is L-shaped to optimise functionality. With slide-out shelving and an integrated spice rack, this kitchen comes well equipped to mimic the comfort of your kitchen at home.

Other features include:

  • Large sink with both hot and cold water
  • Scratch resistant stainless steel bench top
  • Large dry food storage drawer at the rear
  • Optional BBQ swing-away platform
  • Domestic Stove & Grill





AWNING PCOR trademarked awning all set up on a green Patriot Campers X1 camper trailer, providing plenty of shade on the beach.

The PCOR Awning on the X1 protects you from all elements. The large 12.25 meters coverage provides plenty of shade for a comfortable cooking and dining area. There is also an option for a colour coded wind break walls kit if you so wish. The new 2022 model comes with additional awning support, as per request. Some other features are:

  • UPF 50+ 
  • Built in lighting
  • Integrated poles and guy ropes
  • Gas assisted scissor lift system
  • 360 degrees peggable foot 





OFF-ROAD CAPABILITYA green Patriot Campers X1 with spare wheel driving through the sand tracks of Frasier Island, Australia

Experience the most off-grid destinations to the fullest with confidence in your camper trailer.  The X1 can tackle any terrain and is the benchmark for off road touring capabilities. This design is inspired by generations of Australian adventurers. Features include:

  • 33'' Mud terrain tyres
  • 40 Degrees departure angle
  • 10'' Electric drum brakes
  • Wider track
  • Rear recovery points


We currently have 1x Patriot Campers X1 in stock.
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