Best Optional Extras for Your Patriot X3 Camper

Patriot Camper X3

Patriot Campers X3 Blue


Are you looking for a camper trailer that offers unbeatable off-road ability and comfortable indoor living in one convenient, quality-engineered package?

Embrace the great outdoors and add a touch of luxury with the X3 Camper from Patriot.

The Patriot Camper X3 model is a significant step up from its younger siblings the X1, X1-H and X1-N.

The X3 comes packed with a range of great features as standard. From the jump, you get the stability of Dual Shock Airbag Suspension, the convenience of a Twin Burner Gas Stove & Grill, and great finishing touches like Laser Cut Decals.

But if you want to take your Patriot X3 Camper to the next level, consider some of these optional extras for your X3.

Battery Upgrade

The battery system in your X3 powers the camper trailer's electronic equipment and allows you to charge various devices. As standard, the X3 Camper comes with AGM/gel batteries, but you can upgrade to lithium batteries for improved performance.

Lithium batteries boast greater efficiency, faster charging speeds, a greater depth of recharge, and a longer lifespan compared to AGM/gel battery alternatives.

One of the best things about camping with a travel trailer is the ability to enjoy a few electrical creature comforts. Lithium battery upgrades can help you stay charged for longer, go further, and enjoy every feature of your off-road camper trailer to its maximum potential!

BBQ Swing Away Platform

Camping is all about outdoor living, and there's nothing better than cooking and enjoying a delicious meal in the great outdoors! It's a fundamental part of the camping experience and a great activity you can enjoy with the family.

Cooking on an open fire is an amazing experience, but pulling out the barbeque is also incredibly convenient (and just as tasty).

The BBQ Swing Away Platform is an optional add-on for your Patriot X3 Camp kitchen. This platform comes built-in to your camper and slides out then swings away for easy access and use.

The Platform is the perfect spot to store your travel BBQ, and thanks to its slide-out and swing-away design, it's easy to connect to gas and start cooking without impeding access to the rest of the camp kitchen.

This BBQ platform comes so recommended that it's part of Patriot's Essential Pack, where you can get it as part of a package deal alongside a Weber Baby Q and a range of other highly recommended accessories.

The BBQ Swing Away Platform is also available separately if you already have a barbeque or you don't want the other accessories.

Pop Up Cafe

Interior of Patriot Camper X3 with Popup Cafe

Camper trailers are all about adding a bit of luxury to the classic outdoor experience, and few things are more luxurious than a good cup of coffee.

Camp coffee is always a tricky one. You can go with instant, bring along a coffee plunger, or even grab an AeroPress or hand-pump espresso device.

If you want a good cup of coffee without having to roll out of bed, you can also get a Pop Up Cafe built into your Patriot Camper X3. The Pop Up Cafe is a coffee machine assembly that rises from within your camper trailer and holds your Nespresso coffee machine.

Note: The Pop Up Cafe includes the coffee machine assembly only. Nespresso coffee machine not included.

75L Wi-Fi Fridge/Freezer

If you're going camping in a camper trailer, you'll want a quality fridge/freezer to go with it. When it comes to camping fridges, you can't go wrong with the Dometic CFX75DZ available as an upgrade for the X3.

This impressive portable fridge includes separate lids for the fridge and freezer section, excellent seals to prevent refrigerator condensation, straps and handles for easy manoeuvrability, an app to monitor fridge/freezer performance remotely, and USB charging for your phone.

When you get your Dometic 75L fridge/freezer through a Patriot Dealer, it comes with a custom power plug that's designed especially for your off-road camper.

This fridge/freezer is part of the Essential Pack or it can be purchased as a separate optional extra.

AMPFibian Adaptor

One of the great things about Patriot Campers compared to many other trailers is that - in most cases - they're compact enough to keep at home.

With the AMPFibian Adaptor, you can leave your Patriot Camper on charge in the garage and unplug it when you're ready for your next camping adventure. This Australian-made 10AMP to 15AMP adaptor ensures your camper trailer is always ready to go, and it features full surge protection for your peace of mind.

The AMPFibian Adaptor is also available as part of the Essential Pack or as a separate accessory. 

You can learn more about the Patriot Campers Essential Pack in the video below.



Some Other X3 Options for Your Live-In Camper Trailer Include

  • A 6-wall kit that can be attached to your awning for extra weather protection and privacy
  • An extended drawbar - perfect for vehicles with a rear spare tyre
  • Kids bunk bed
  • 120-watt solar panel
  • Solar Blankets - from 160-300W
  • Additional gas bottle holder
  • Premium Colours - Graphite or Blue
  • and more!

And Here Are Just Some of the Great Standard Features

  • Oversized double mattress - 100mm thick pocket spring design
  • An additional bed that extends from the lounge platform
  • Diesel heater for tent heating and diesel hot water
  • Premium fly screens at all entrances of the internal living space
  • Integrated camper trailer awning
  • Anti-vibration latches
  • Dual water tanks and water tap
  • Gas bottle holder and hook
  • Spice rack, cutlery storage, pantry drawers, and other wet and dry storage space
  • Stainless steel sink and benchtop
  • Fold-up table
  • Roof mounting system
  • 16” wheels with mud-terrain tyres
  • Multiple power outlets inside your trailer (240v)
  • and more!

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