Top 5 Patriot Camper Trailer Accessories

Top 5 Patriot Camper Trailer Accessories

If you own a Patriot Camper, then you are already aware of the incredible adventures that await you. These trailers are built to withstand the toughest terrains and provide ultimate comfort during your outdoor escapades.

While the Patriot Camper trailer is already equipped with impressive features, there's a world of accessories that can amplify your camping experience even further. Here are the top five must-have camper trailer accessories for your trustworthy Patriot.


1. Patriot Campers Flat Pack Storage Box

Looking for a sturdy storage solution for your Patriot Camper? Upgrade your Patriot Camper with these versatile storage solutions! Our flat-pack storage boxes are designed to seamlessly integrate into the X1 and X2 trailers, fitting perfectly into side and rear compartments. They also complement the X3 series, providing a uniform storage system. Sold in sets of two, these boxes are not only durable but also fold flat for space-saving convenience. 


Smart Product Features:

  • Measurements - 71cm L, 29cm W, 37cm H
  • Luggage tag
  • Water resistant material


2. Patriot Campers X1/x1h Tent Awning Sail Kit 

One of the top accessories for Patriot Campers X1 and X1H trailer owners is the Tent Awning Sail Kit. This innovative awning is specifically designed to fit these camper trailers and offers a range of benefits for outdoor enthusiasts.

The awning sail kit is tailored to be attached on the tailgate side of the X1 and X1H trailer, providing a convenient sheltered area outside the trailer. It extends out from the tailgate, creating a spacious and covered space that can be used for various activities such as cooking, dining, or simply relaxing in the shade.

One of the main advantages of this awning is its ease of use. The sail kit comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual and all the necessary hardware, making it simple to set up and take down whenever needed. 

Smart Product Features

  • Easy and quick setup
  • High water and UV resistance 
  • Packable and lightweight 
  • 8oz tear-stop Australian-made canvas construction

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3. Supa Wing Square Back Awning Walls

Patriot Camper's Awning Walls offer effortless connectivity to your awning through various connection methods, tailored to different awning styles. With a diverse range of awnings available in various styles and sizes, it's crucial to carefully follow the drawing guide to select the correct style and size before choosing your awning wall.

These awning walls serve as valuable additions to enhance your outdoor experience, shielding you from the elements. Whether it's wind, rain, cold, heat, or harmful UV rays, our awning walls provide reliable protection, making them an ideal accessory to optimise your awning's functionality. Choose the perfect awning wall to complement your Patriot Camper setup and enjoy enhanced comfort during your outdoor adventures.

Smart Product Features:

  • 8oz tear-stop Australian-made Canvas construction Hard Wearing and extremely long lasting (5 years +)
  • Great protection from the rain, sun, light and wind
  • Easy to be add to or repaired if required
  • 50mm Velcro is used for maximum holding power


4. Patriot Campers 2022 Ensuite Shower Tent

The Patriot Campers 2022 Ensuite Shower Tent is a must-have accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. This innovative and convenient shower tent allows you to enjoy a refreshing shower experience while camping or exploring the great outdoors.

One of the standout features of the Patriot Campers 2022 Ensuite Shower Tent is its easy setup and pack-down design. With its quick-release frame system, you can effortlessly set up the shower tent in just a few minutes, saving you time and effort. The tent also comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.


Smart Product Features:

  • Change room & separate shower room
  • Mesh drains in the floor for water run-off
  • Towel hanger & toiletry holders
  • Large ventilation windows with screens
  • Removable floor
  • Mat flap with eyelets for shoes, etc


5. Patriot Campers Media Display Device Holder


Introducing the Media Device Holder, a purpose-built accessory designed to elevate your entertainment experience within the confines of the Patriot Campers X-range of trailers. This specialised holder is crafted with precision to accommodate devices such as iPads, ensuring a secure and convenient perch at the ideal viewing height.

Whether you're enjoying a movie, catching up on your favourite series, or engaging in multimedia activities, the Media Device Holder becomes an indispensable companion. Its strategic placement within the Patriot Campers X-range ensures that your entertainment device is positioned at the perfect eye level, creating a comfortable and immersive cinematic experience right from the heart of your trailer.

Smart Product Features: 

  • Velcro Tabs to secure to internal tent poles;
  • Clear face and large sizing to allow use with a device cover
  • Patriot Campers star branded on mesh back


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Camper trailer accessories are a welcome addition to any off-road adventure. Not only do they look great, but they can also offer additional comfort, safety, and convenience for the whole family. Camping Adventures is the exclusive authorised Patriot dealer for Victoria and Tasmania. 

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