What to Look for in a Toy Hauler

Patriot Campers TH610 Blue

Patriot Campers TH610 Blue


Toy haulers were designed with one big idea in mind. When you go camping or head off-road, you don't want to leave your favourite toys behind.

A toy hauler attaches to your tow vehicle and lets you haul all your biggest toys to get the most out of your family getaway or boys’ weekend.

We're talking mountain bikes, dirt bikes, golf carts, ATVs, side-by-sides, and even boats.

But a hauler can be more than just a glorified trailer. You can get a travel trailer toy hauler that includes the additional living spaces and storage features of a camper trailer.

In this article, we'll unpack what you can get from the Patriot Campers Toy Haulers available in our range.

If you want to know what features and functionality to look for in a toy hauler, you're in the right place!

First Up, Look for a Trailer That Can Haul All Your Toys

Blue Patriot TH730 Toy Hauler towing an ATV

You want a hauler that lives up to its name, and that means the ability to transport all your gear safely.

Let's take a closer look at the carrying capacity of a Patriot Campers Toy Hauler:

How Big is the Patriot Campers Toy Hauler? 

Patriot Campers Toy Haulers are named after their length from hitch to deck for easy identification.

So, the TH730 is 7.3m long and the TH610 is 6.10m long

Toy haulers come in a variety of sizes, and most weigh between 1200kg and 2000kg (dry tare mass without additional weight).

What about Tray Space? 

The TH610 has a 2.8m x 2.3m tray and the TH730 has a 4m x 2.3m tray (L x W).

How Much Can I Fit in a Toy Hauler?

We've talked numbers, now let's talk toys!

The biggest toy haulers will allow you to securely transport a wide range of toys, including:

  • An ATV or side-by-side
  • Multiple mountain bikes and dirt bikes
  • Kayaks and tinnies

You can transport even more gear with the tow hitch, and the TH610 can be fitted with a boat loader to easily load and transport your boat!

Your hauler should come with plenty of embedded anchor points with 360-degree rotation to easily and securely store your toys during transport.

When you choose a Patriot Camper, you can rest assured that your hauler has been manufactured to the maximum legal width to fit as many big boy toys as possible. Patriot Campers haulers also come with loading ramps to easily get your motorised gear onto the tray, as well as air compressor outlets for pumping up tyres!

The best length of toy hauler will ultimately depend on how many toys you have and what other gear you're looking to store.

Speaking of other gear...

Next Up, Look for a Hauler with Plenty of Extra Storage Space

As well as hauling all your toys, the trailer you choose should have plenty of storage for other items.

After all, if you're bothering to pack an ATV, you probably want to be able to go off-grid and stay there for a while.

Once again, the range of toy haulers for sale from Patriot Campers set the standard for extra space. 

Patriot Campers various toy hauler travel trailer models offer 2,400L plus of marine carpeted storage space!

This includes space for dry storage, wet storage, food storage, bulky storage and more. You can store straps, BBQ equipment, tools, jerry cans, fishing and hunting gear, camping equipment, racing helmets, boots, and wet clothes, to name a few.

Patriot Campers haulers have so much storage space that they actually outstrip Patriot’s camper trailer range in terms of wet storage capacity!

From utility shelves to BBQ platforms to gas bottle holders, you can get plenty of space from a hauler.

Third Consideration: Think About Off-Road Capability

There's no point packing all your bikes, Quads, and boats on a toy hauler if it can barely get off sealed roads!

Once again, Patriot Campers Toy Haulers excel when it comes to off-roading. Here are some of the features that you should look for in an off-road hauler:

  • A quality hitch with 360-degree articulation, like the DO35 hitch
  • Dual shock suspension
  • Mud terrain tyres and PCOR alloy wheels
  • A galvanised, interlocked, hot-dipped chassis 
  • Marine-grade aluminium wheel guards and bash guards
  • A design where all vulnerable areas underneath your hauler are protected
  • Space for recovery gear
  • Spare tyre
  • Service hatch for easy access

Finally, Consider Accommodation and Ease of Living

Man sitting under camper trailer awning by the water during sunset

The best type of toy hauler will come with a range of lifestyle and accommodation options to make your next camping trip even easier.

Here is everything you need to know.

Can You Live Out of a Toy Hauler?

Yes! When looking at Patriot Camopers haulers, you can see that most models come with a camper trailer module that gives you a full base camp.

This means not just sleeping spaces and accommodation options, but access to power, hot water, and more. 

Patriot Campers toy hauler campers are designed to sleep up to 4 people and are compatible with a number of rooftop tent options.

Additional features you can look for include an awning and an easy self-levelling system.

If you're looking for a simpler model without accommodation, the TT730 swaps out the full base camp for a smaller storage area and extra room on the deck. 

Water and Power Options

If you're living out of your toy hauler, you want access to power and hot water.

A quality toy hauler will deliver in spades. Just look at the Patriot Campers range!

These toy hauler vehicles come with a range of power output and input options, including:

  • 12v outlets
  • 350w inverter
  • 240v input charging
  • Andersen plug charging
  • Solar panels

You can also run your in-built stereo speaker system and LED lights. All of this power is managed and monitored through a REDARC Manager.

When it comes to water, you can get a 230L water tank with filler and pump. Get water to your kitchen sink or use the shower head attachment for hot showers!

The Classic Camp Kitchen 

Of course, the base camp in your toy hauler should also give you access to a slide-out kitchen.

The L-shaped camp kitchen in Patriot Campers models gives you access to everything from pantry space and portable fridges to cutlery compartments, food prep areas, and yes - the kitchen sink.

Fast Facts about Patriot Campers

Patriot Campers Toy Haulers are made by the team at Patriot Campers. As well as toy Hauler manufacturers, the Patriot Campers collection includes a great range of Patriot Camper trailers, including the Patriot Campers X1, the X1-H, the X1-N and the Patriot Campers X3.

  • Who owns Patriot Campers? Gold Coast local Justin Montesalvo is the Managing Director of Patriot Campers
  • Are Patriot Campers made in Australia? Patriot's travel trailers and toy haulers are Australian made, with local manufacturing and assembly on the Gold Coast.
  • Where can you get Patriot Campers? You can get Patriot toy haulers and campers from your local dealer. Camping Adventures is the authorised dealer of the Patriot Campers range in Victoria and Tasmania.

Final Thoughts: Are Toy Haulers Worth It?

If you're looking to go camping or off-roading with dirt bikes, side-by-sides, kayaks, boats, or similar, then you can't go past a Toy Hauler.

You get a secure way to transport your big toys plus accommodation, power, water, storage, and a kitchen all in one!

If you're just looking for the latter and you don't have recreational vehicles to transport, then a classic camper trailer is probably perfect for you. For even more luxurious features, check out our range of Lifestyle Campers hybrid campers for sale. To chat about all your options, contact Camping Adventures today or visit our showroom to see all your options in person.

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